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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the first ever episode of Teach Me, Teacher! I’m super excited to let everyone hear the great interview I had with my colleague, Ms. Katie Ingram (now Mrs. Warren… YAY!)  of Richland Middle School.

In this episode, we attempt to debunk a lot of the myths about teaching (both as a first year and seasoned vet), and talk a little bit about why this is important to do as professionals in our field.

From there, we dive into Katie’s experience from her humble beginnings as a college student, all the way through her first year, highlighting successes and struggles along the way.

This is a great episode for any teacher, new or old. It doesn’t matter if you are excited to start a new year, or are feeling a little burnt out, this conversation is sure to lift those spirits.

See you in the classroom!


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5 thoughts on “#1 So You Want To Be A Teacher?

  1. Great first show! Insight into the first year of teaching is much needed, and Katie seems like a rock star in the making! Can’t wait for the next show!

  2. Loved this so much, Jacob! Thanks to you and Katie for sharing about the good things going on in the teaching profession! Glad Staci Hammer encouraged you to teach, Jacob! You are still my son’s favorite! Looking forward to the next podcast!

  3. Such a great interview! Katie’s optimism and passion for kids serves her well to remain energized. Excellent practical advice, and encouragement for new teachers and veterans alike. Good stuff! Love the people I work with at RMS!

  4. You guys nailed it!!! What an amazing first show!!! Great insights shared by a couple of truly phenomenal teachers. You guys get it! This is what it’s all about! Thank you for opening up to the world, being vulnerable, and helping others grow through your journey!!! Super proud!!! #RamPride

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