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Hello everyone!

For today’s episode, it is my pleasure to introduce you to one of Teach Me, Teacher’s biggest advocates, and a fantastic educator, Alan Small. You will hear us talk about everything from the importance of science education, to creating experiences in the class that will keep students engaged long after they leave the classroom (or science club). We also dive into Alan’s expertise with science clubs, and how to make your own.

Alan Small is a Science Club organizer, STEM enthusiast, dissection aficionado, biology teacher, bug eater, and Family Science Night activist. As the author of The Science Club Handbook, Alan hopes to expand quality OST (out of school time) and informal science learning options for teachers and students.

Formerly a science teacher, Alan now organizes science programs for Worth Learning Inc. as Curriculum Coordinator, and also facilitates STEAM programing for Castleberry ISD as STREAM Coordinator for the district.

You can purchase Alan’s book (IT IS FANTASTIC) HERE.

(There was a glitch in the recording of the episode which made me have to chop part of the beginning intro, so pardon the change in format, briefly.)

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