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Hello everyone!

You didn’t think Teach Me, Teacher would shy away from topics like this, did you?

Doing an episode like this is tricky. I didn’t want it to be one sided. I didn’t want it to have a political agenda. Instead, I wanted it to be an episode for ALL educators, whether you’re public or private, or something in between.

To do that, I invited Kathy Edwards of The Novus Academy on the show to discuss everything from vouchers, to accountability in schools, the A-F system, a bloated educational system, private school vs public, and yes, Betsy DeVos and the role the Trump administration is choosing to play in the future of American education.

Kathy Edwards is the founder and Principal of The Novus Academy and has too many accomplishments to list here. After Richland Middle School visited with her a few months ago and saw the great things she was doing with students with special needs, I knew I had to get her on the show.

She did not disappoint.

In fact, we talked so long and covered so many issues, I had to split the episode into 2 roughly hour and a half parts. Part two will air in two weeks from this episode!


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