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Hello everyone!

If you’ve ever been curious about The Ron Clark Academy, or wondered if the hype is all that it’s cracked up to be, then here’s your chance to hear all about what a two day trip to it consists of, and what 4 teachers got out of the experience.

I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end season 1 of Teach Me, Teacher than to have 4 educators energized and pumped to talk about our experiences at The Ron Clark Academy, and how it has changed our lives forever.

Creating this podcast has been a blast, and the spirit of the show can all be summed up in the discussion I had with Malyn Bannister, Lindsey Stewart, and Chris Cruz, about our trip.

It’s the spirit that ignites the joy of education.

It’s the spirit of learning from each other.

It’s the spirit of pushing towards the next great thing.

It’s the spirit of why we do what we do…

You can literally hear how excited we all were about the trip through this entire episode. And believe me, the excitement is still there!

Enjoy part 1 of the season finale!

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