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Hello everyone!

I can’t believe this show gets to release content like this…

Dr. Mary Howard is a professional who is astounding in her insight, her dedication, and her effectiveness in communicating with educators. If you haven’t run into her on Twitter, you’ve probably run into the hashtag she co-created, #G2Great. If not, you’re in for a real treat for this two part epic.

This episode is the piece that most clearly exemplifies why I created Teach Me, Teacher. It is an episode about empowering educators to grow, to learn, and to fight for their profession in the best way they can…by getting BETTER.

I needed to hear what Dr. Mary Howard had to say on this episode, and so do you. Her literacy minded message, and her advice on how to grow professionally are among the best words I’ve heard on the subject.


About Mary:

Dr. Mary Howard is known throughout North America as a leading expert in literacy, presenting seminars as an independent consultant and for the Bureau of Education and Research ( in all fifty states and across Canada. Mary has worked with countless educators to create a research-based literacy program grounded in the current brain research.

An educator for more than forty years, she combines years of classroom experience as an elementary grade 1-6 special educator, grade K-12 reading tutor, reading specialist and Reading Recovery teacher with a multitude of experiences as a reading consultant, university reading instructor, professional storyteller, author and nationwide lecturer. Her blend of research and practical application has led many to describe her as a teachers’ teacher, demonstrating a clear understanding of the realities of the classroom by translating research into practice.

Mary’s seminars are fast-paced and inspiring, filled with engaging strategies that can be immediately implemented into the existing curriculum. Her no-nonsense approach provides teachers with a deeper understanding of the learning process in order to transform the teaching process into a powerful tool to maximize the potential of every child.

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