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Hello everyone!

Teach Me, Teacher has been around for about a year and half, and I’m amazed at how many great educators I have had the pleasure to speak with. Local gems, like the fantastic Alan Small and Andrew Simmons, to names such as Donalyn Miller and Mary Howard (by the way, limiting that list to just a few names was extremely difficult.)

In any case, today, I get to add to the list of AWESOME educators I’ve got to discuss teaching with.

Jeff Anderson, also known as The Write Guy, is a phenom of writing education. His method of “Inviting” writers to notice patterns, and then use those patterns in their own writing, is a powerful force in the classroom. I’ve seen it in my own classroom, and thousands of educators around the world are finding success with his techniques.

I brought him on the show to discuss his newest book, The Patterns of Power, but we also hit on his philosophy with teaching writing, what teachers should do (and stop doing,) and how we should embrace the messiness of writing education. He also corrects me on the proper way to say “aaawwubbis,” which was WIN all to itself.

Teachers, enjoy and SHARE this one. It’s one of the best of the podcast, and you’ll get something from Jeff’s deep insight into how to teach writing in your classrooms.


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