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Hello everyone!

I’m just going to be blunt… I. LOVE. THIS. EPISODE.

Adam goes into detail about how a school should go about solving culture issues, why it’s important to tackle culture first, and how, even though he struggles like the rest of us, the work still must happen. The lives of our students and of our teachers are too important to ignore glaring issues in the culture of our schools and classrooms.

We all have to work together to make it happen.

Adam Dovico is an accomplished teacher, author, speaker, and professor. He began his career in North Carolina as an elementary school teacher, then worked as a teacher and the school implementation specialist for the renowned Ron Clark Academy, where he traveled across the country conducting professional development and on-site training to schools and districts for over 15,000 educators in thirty states.

You can grab The Limitless School: Creative Ways to Solving the Culture Puzzle now. 

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