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Hello all!

My name is Jacob Chastain, and I’m a part of the Richland Middle School team, where I teach 6th Grade Pre-AP ELAR!

So, what made me start a podcast about teaching?

The short version: I love teaching and I love education. I also don’t mind spending hours of my own free time working on projects that I believe in.

The long version: I have gone to what seems like endless professional development trainings and seminars. And while those are always helpful, I realized pretty quickly that the best advice I ever got that worked in my class was from other teachers that were still in the classroom, or from advisers who worked closely with those teachers. Problem was, I just wanted more. I wanted to get better faster.

You know how it is… You want to talk about teaching. Maybe ask about that new structure your partner used. Maybe you want to pick the brain of a teacher who seems to be a guru when it comes to classroom management. You want to talk about the research you just spent hours fact checking (what, you don’t love numbers?) But time is short. You get tired. They get tired. By the time you have a chance to get the information you want, it has slipped your mind, or you have moved on to another thing.

This scenario kept happening to me. I would get obsessed with some new method, philosophy, or structure to try, and I would find myself too busy to explore it, intellectually and in the classroom. But I’m not one to just let things go, and I decided to do something about it.

A couple of brainstorming sessions with my wife, and I was off and running!

In many ways, this podcast is a labor of love for me. I put it all together because I love what I do and I love talking about it, but also because I want to learn myself.

A show where real teachers talk about their successes and struggles in the classroom? That I can relate to and learn from? SIGN ME UP!

All I hope for is that this is what you guys want in an education podcast too.

Thanks for listening.